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Guy-man slowly gets quieter as he speaks
Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo
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Guy-man is basically talking about how he’s proud of their work and how he hopes people enjoy their music, and the interviewer calls it cute.

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Oh guys!

Sonny! 😍


im here
i’ve grown up
i thought it would be fabulous
it’s not.


A few years ago I had the pleasure to work with a little known musician named Sonny Moore.  The shoot was a feature for Alternative Press Magazine.  Sonny was young, focused, and had a ton of energy.  From the second I met Sonny I was immediately taken by his passion for creativity. He was on board with all of my ideas and even pushed some of them to the edge…to the point where his own safety was on the line.   Sonny’s career has recently skyrocketed to superstardom as a DJ/Producer under his current stage name Skrillex, winning 6 Grammys and catapulting the Dubstep trend into the mainstream.